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Invalidenstraße 157
Berlin Mitte

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Tue – Fri 12 am – 8 pm
Sat 11 am – 4 pm


Shop News

Welcome to Standert Bicycles!

Standert is a bike shop and café located in the center of buzzing Berlin. We aim to be like your living room - only equipped with a real good coffee machine. There’s always cold beer in the fridge and probably a guy on the sofa next to you, who want’s to help you ride your dream bike.


In the shop we have a selection of great frames, parts and apparel. 
Foremost our own brand of super nice, affordable track frames. With lugged joints and made from double butted Cr-Mo steel tubing, they are our obeisance to the classics from back in the days.
Every bike we build in the shop is a result of a good ol’ talk to the customer about wishes and needs. This way all Standert customers are the designers of their very unique bike and should the creative process leave them thirsty, they can indulge in a flat white or cold beer. In the end you ride a sexy bike and might even have made some new friends!


We love the concept of the cycle café! This way, rather then being a mere peddler of beautiful bicycles, we became the proud hosts of a bike-talking, caffeine abusing, beer longing community and other lovely neighbors.

Our product range aims to satisfy both the quick needs of the stop-by courier by serving our famous 1-buck-filtercoffee and a person who appreciates great coffee and something small and simple to go with it. Fair trade roasters “Coffee Circle” provide our filter coffee and espresso.

In summer we hand make our very special homemade popsicles called Super Pops which we create from the best fruit we can get our hands on. On hot days you might even find us cycling around Berlin’s markets or parks with our especially designed icecream-bike.


Additional to our brand Standert we are proud dealer and European distributor of Jan Kole’s Colossi frames. Colossi has a fantastic range of steel and aluminum frames and is committed to the simular ideals as Standert: high quality and reasonable price.


In the Workshop Peter tends to all your needs. He will build your dream bike, repair your beloved old steed, nurse your dadʼs old racer to former glory or help you along on your latest project. He also builds great wheels!